Junggle Trekking

Walkthrough village forest, rice paddies and learn about local vegetations will give you an unforgettable experience during your holiday in Bali. Our professional guides will lead you to see this garden of heaven. The trip will be ended by visiting Puncak temple located on top of the sacred hill of Sidemen. In this place, you will be welcomed by the breathtaking scenery of surrounding areas. Sidemen are Natural and the beauty of Bali’s irrigated rice fields is unsurpassed. Tier upon tier of hand-sculpted paddies shapes the countryside in an ever-changing panorama of colour. streams are dammed far uphill, and water is siphoned off through hand-built channels to fields far distant in a complex system that guarantees equal division amongst all farmers in times of limited supply. smaller dams and tiny weirs divide and re-divide the streams, regulating the cascades of water in a series of waterfalls and pipes that ensure the furthest field receive their life-giving supply.

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