Junggle Cycling

Sidemen Countryside Cycling lets you experience the beautiful countryside of the sidemen, We offer you some of the most amazing and spectacular routes you may find only in this island and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded big city to breathe some fresh air. During the trip, you will be deeply amazed by the exotic views of Bali’s rural landscape and their unspoiled nature.

Sidemen Cycling adventure through the countryside will bring you up close and personal with friendly local people, their unique culture, beautiful villages, stunning landscapes and amazing ancient temples. Exploring the island of God on two wheels is by far the best way to get a fantastic and memorable experience as we will take you to discover the hidden gems of our island through some peaceful ‘off the beaten track’ cycling routes accessible only by bike. The sort trip to a local house to see the process of making Songket traditional weaving. A glass of fresh palm water will be waiting for you at the last stop and lunch will be served at the warung.

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